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A Unique Network of Digital Marketing Specialists

ClickThru Digital is a network of five independent agencies, each with their own specialty, working together to find innovative marketing solutions, personalized to our clients’ needs. Our approach and creative processes are focused on achieving the best results, cost-effectively, resulting in a maximized ROI.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that works with only a few select clients at a time. We know every company is different, so we are committed to understanding our clients’ businesses and unique needs, and delivering customized solutions to meet those needs.

Our team consists of talented and experienced professionals. Each has a unique skillset and professional experience, born out of working in their respective fields for years, and knows what it takes to get results. Together, we work to help our clients grow their businesses and reach their goals.

We believe in quality work and pride ourselves on a client-centric approach, which means we’re not just focused on driving sales; we’re focused on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design

Digital Marketing Partners

Meet the ClickThru Digital Team

David Morrow

President / Head of Digital Marketing / SEO

David is a creator at heart and loves helping clients succeed on the internet – today’s most powerful and important medium. His success is a result of over 25 years of marketing experience across multiple platforms including music, television, print, radio, and the internet.

His experience with numerous industries has given him the ability to understand the nuances of a variety of businesses and their unique needs.

David began his career in the hotel industry. But, through a chance encounter, entered the music industry as manager of 5-time Grammy Award-winning music artist, B.J. Thomas. He later formed an entertainment marketing company whose client’s included Kenny Rogers, the Buddy Holly Estate, and the PGA golfer Lee Trevino’s golf course design company Lee Trevino/Wm. Graves, Inc.

Moving to Florida David formed MBA Productions where he produced marketing videos for Global Yachts International clients including the British yacht builder Sealine Performance Motor Yachts, and the Italian yacht builder Uniesse.

Eventually, he transitioned into television as a field producer for magazine shows such as Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood. Along his journey, he has also been responsible for PR and Marketing for numerous companies such as Kenny Rogers Roasters, Vivra Asthma & Allergy, and Seeman/Holtz.

Nicole Boyle & Sarah Cowart

Heads of Social Media

Nicole and Sarah live and breathe social media management. They help grow clients’ visibility online through social media engagement and conversions, increasing their reach and brand awareness, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Nicole and Sarah’s top two rules when it comes to social media marketing are:

  1. Keep it simple and get to the bottom of where you, the client, are struggling. 
  2. Be personal and genuine across all channels and collateral.

Allan Wolf

Head of Photography

Allan Wolf is a professional photographer based in Tilton, NH. His fascination with photography started at a young age when his mother handed him a Polaroid Instant Camera. His interest in photography only grew from there.

Today Allan Wolf owns two successful businesses centered around his love of photography. His first business: Allan Wolf Photography is dedicated to wedding and fine art photography. His second endeavor is the commercial visual arts company: WolfReel Visuals, this business is centered around commercial visual arts. WolfReel Visuals offers clients: commercial photography, videography, and graphic design services.

Because both of these endeavors involve considerable travel, Allan constantly keeps his photographic passion thriving by chronicling the world around him and planning epic fantasy-based portraits.

Greg Phillips

Head of IT Support & Cyber Security

Greg has worked in technology for over 20 years and has a master’s degree in IT Business Management from Dartmouth University. He is also Apple and Microsoft MCP certified. And possibly, more importantly, he has been thoroughly tested from helping eccentric (but fun!) clients in the sticks of Vermont – to small business owners with funky old PCs – to large college campuses such as Dartmouth where he worked in IT for over five years.

Over his career, Greg has worked with many different devices, apps, people, and technologies. From helping people in their homes on PCs to full-enterprise rollouts and supporting thousands of people with myriad challenges. Greg has seen it all.

Now a New Hampshire resident, Greg was born and raised in the UK, so he may use strange slang (much more interesting than geek-speak), and he has a unique sense of humor–a must when you are working with technology challenges, right:-)

Susan Stehfest

Head Graphic Designer

Susan Stehfest is a versatile, highly experienced, and multi-award-winning graphic designer whose superpower is to understand her clients’ vision and translate their needs into impactful and beautiful designs that demand attention.

Over the past 20+ years, she has embraced a wide range of web and print media including branding, illustrations, magazines, advertisements, animated gifs, signage, billboards, maps, packaging, booklets, posters, catalogs, brochures, and much more. Projects include: Parnassus, a multiple national award-winning literary arts magazine; a 100-page holiday program for the Boston Pops; a national travel magazine, promotional material for Racing Against the Clock, a documentary featured on Netflix; and numerous marketing materials for Northern Essex Community College, including their college logo.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling — she has an insatiable travel bug and loves learning about other cultures. She has visited over 15 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and South America. She also loves to paint and creates stained glass, mosaics, jewelry, and pottery, amongst other creative endeavors.

Digital Marketing Services That Grow Your Business

ClickThru Digital’s primary mission is to increase the Click-Thru-Rate on your website, increasing traffic, resulting in higher conversions. Whether that is increasing online purchases of your products or services; visiting your business location; increasing leads; viewing your media content, or connecting with a company representative. All the while ensuring you have a positive R.O.I. We accomplish this through the services we offer.

Why accept mediocracy when excellence is an option?

Dr Ivan MIsner

Photography / Video Production


Graphic Design & Branding

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